AI3SD Team

The AI3SD Network is hosted at the University of Southampton. It is run by the Network Executive Group (NEG) with input from the Advisory Board (AB) Members. There are also a number of Organisations who were part of our Network+ Application. 

Network Executive Group
  • Professor Jeremy Frey (Principal Investigator) - University of Southampton
  • Professor Mahesan Niranjan (Co-Investigator) - University of Southampton
  • Dr Samantha Kanza (Network+ Coordinator) - University of Southampton
  • Mrs Victoria Hooper (Chief Network+ Administrator) - University of Southampton
  • Dr Nicola Knight (PSDS Consultant) - University of Southampton
Advisory Board
  • Professor John Overington (Chair) - Medicine Discovery Catapult 
  • Dr Nathan Brown - Benevolent AI
  • Dr Louise Dennis - University of Liverpool
  • Mr Matthew Dovey - Jisc
  • Professor Mark Girolami - Imperial College London 
  • Professor Val Gillett - University of Sheffield
  • Professor Jonathan Goodman - University of Cambridge
  • Professor Tony Hey - Science and Technologies Facility Council
  • Dr William McNeill - University of Southampton
  • Professor Harris Makatroris - Cranfield University
  • Professor Andy Stanford-Clark - IBM
  • Professor Richard Whitby - University of Southampton
  • Professor David Woods - University of Southampton
More information about the members of these groups can be found on their individual pages.