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05/12/2018 - AI3SD Network+ Launch - SCI, Belgrave Square, London

posted 29 Nov 2018, 10:12 by Samantha Kanza   [ updated 3 Jan 2019, 08:28 ]

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The official launch of the EPSRC Funded Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigations for Scientific Discovery (AI3SD) Network+ will take place on Wednesday 5th December in South West London at the Society of Chemical Industry, situated in the picturesque Belgrave Square just South West of Hyde Park Corner. Our network aims to bring together dedicated researchers looking to show how cutting edge artificial and augmented intelligence technologies can be used to push the boundaries of scientific discovery. We are looking to involve and collaborate with academics, commercial organizations and government officials. Everyone will be welcome to gain a deeper insight into the grand plans of our network, and to ask questions and engage in debate about the research area the network aims to address, and the future plans of the network. This launch event will set the scene for the events that our Network will be organizing over the next three years, including networking activities, conferences, workshops, hackathons, funding opportunities for pilot projects and feasibility studies, and incubator secondments.

Keynote Speakers

Our speakers will be giving thought provoking talks on a number of topics that are highly pertinent to the Network, ranging from machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in science, to the philsophy of science, and the difficulties of procuring data for AI.

  • Dr Nathan Brown - Head of Cheminformatics at BenevolentAI & Advisory Board Member of AI3SD
  • Professor Gábor Csányi - Professor of Molecular Modelling at the University of Cambridge
  • Professor Jackie Hunter - CEO of Benevolent Bio, the BioScience arm of BenevolentAI & A Director of BenevolentAI.
  • Professor Michela Massimi - Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Edinburgh, and The Royal Society Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Lecturer 2017
  • Professor John Overington - Chief Informatics Officer at Medicines Discovery Catapult & Chair of the AI3SD Network Advisory Board
  • Professor Adam Prugel-Bennett - Professor of Computer Science at University of Southampton


  • 10.30: Registration and coffee
  • 11.00: Introduction to the EPSRC funded AI3SD Network+ - Professor Jeremy Frey (PI)
  • 11:10: AI in Healthcare and Drug Discovery - Professor Jackie Hunter
  • 11.40: Advances in Machine Learning - Professor Adam Prugel-Bennett
  • 12.10: Machine Learning for Molecular Dynamics - Professor Gábor Csányi
  • 12.40 : Lunch + Networking
  • 13.40: Public Data is the worst form of Data, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time: Strategies and realities for collating data for AI - Professor John Overington
  • 14:10: Optimising Molecular Design - Dr Nathan Brown
  • 14.40: AI for 21st-Century Scientific Discoveries. A Philosophical Perspective - Professor Michela Massimi
  • 15.10: Discussing AI3SD - Professor Jeremy Frey & Dr Samantha Kanza
  • 15.40: Questions & Discussions
  • 16.00: Drinks and Nibbles Reception

Mailing List

To become part of the AI3SD Network+, join our mailing list by sending an email to:

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Network Social Media

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Twitter - @AISciNet

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LinkedIn Interest Group - AI3 Science Network Interest Group

Network Executive Group

The Network Executive Group will all be in attendance at the Launch Meeting to answer any questions about the Network.

  • Professor Jeremy Frey – Professor of Chemistry at University of Southampton - Principal Investigator of the Network+
  • Professor Mahesan Niranjan – Professor of Computer Science at University of Southampton – Co-Investigator of the Network+
  • Dr Samantha Kanza – Enterprise Fellow at University of Southampton – Network+ Coordinator


Q1: Who should attend?

A1: Anyone with an interest in Artificial Intelligence, Augemented Intelligence, Automated Investigations, Machine Learning, Scientific Discovery, Materials Discovery, and the Philosophical and Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence. We welcome members from academia, industry and government, and are hoping to build a broad Network+ with a wealth of experience in the relevant subject areas so that we can form interdiscplinary partnerships and work together to futher the field of scientific discovery using AI techniques.

Q2. What will I get out of it?

A2: You will be able to network with likeminded people who have research interests that complement yours. You will find out about our Network+ and the opportunities we have available including funding opportunities, the types of events we will be running (e.g. workshops, conferences and hackathons).
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17 Dec 2018, 04:04