This is the main web page for the AI3SD/RSC-CICAG Predicting Protein Structure Conference. It will be held on the 16-17th June 2021 and is the concluding event to the AI3SD/RSC-CICAG AI 4 Proteins Seminar Series. Due to this conference being online, you can find all of the usual conference documents on the webpages listed below.

We love tweets! The hashtag for this event is #AI4Proteins, please feel free to tweet about the conference!

Short Talks & Posters

  • If you wish to submit a short talk to this conference please fill in our Short Talk Abstract Submission Form (Deadline: 14/05/2021. Notification of Acceptance: 15/05/2021)
  • If you wish to submit a poster to this conference please fill in our Poster Abstract Submission Form. Deadline: 28/05/2021. Notification of Acceptance: 29/05/2021.

The timezone for this conference is BST.


If you are interested in sponsoring our series, please contact Dr Samantha Kanza. Sponsorship details can be found here. This meeting has been generously sponsored by: