This page lists all the reports that have been created as part of the AI3SD Network+ Outputs

Event Series Reports

Project Series Reports

  • Predicting the Activity of Drug Candidates where there is No Target. Principal Investigator. Professor Matthew Todd, Lead Institution: UCL, Project Partners: Auromind, ExScientia & Intellegens
  • ‘Next-next’ Generation Quantum DNA Sequencing with Chemical Surface Design and Capsule Nets. Principal Investigator: Professor Tim Albrecht, Lead Institution: University of Birmingham, Project Partner: City, University of London
  • Deep Learning enhanced quantum chemistry: Pushing the limits of Materials Discovery. Principal Investigator: Dr Reinhard J. Maurer, Lead Institution: University of Warwick, Project Partners: University of Strathclyde & Carnegie Mellon University
  • Optimising Flatland: Inverse design of desalination membranes. Principal Investigator: Dr J. Grant Hill, Lead Institution: University of Sheffield, Project Partners: Imperial College London
  • Interpretable crystal descriptions across length scales for materials discovery. Principal Investigator: Dr James Cumby, Lead Institution: University of Edinburgh
    • Interim Report – Coming Soon
  • Active Learning for Cost-Efficient Reaction Prediction using Kinetic Data. Principal Investigator: Dr Paul Dingwall, Lead Institution: Queens University Belfast.
    • Interim Report – Coming Soon
  • Artificial intelligence for reconstruction and super-resolution of chemical tomography. Principal Investigator: Dr Keith Butler, Lead Institution: STFC. Project Partners: Finden, Ltd

Interview Series Report