The following posters will be presented in this order across the two day symposium on the 1st and 2nd September. This session will be live cartooned by our friends at and the cartoons will be added as each poster is presented.

1Nearer the nearsightedness principle: Large-scale quantum chemical calculationsAndras Vekassy (University of Southampton)
1Generation of isomers for fast development of molecular datasets
Anna Catton (Swansea University)
1Combining Ultrasonic Methods and Machine Learning Techniques to Assess Baked Products QualityErhan Gulsen (University of Nottingham)
1Interactive Knowledge-Based Solvent Selection ToolHewan Zewdu (University of Nottingham)
1CV in High Throughput ChemistryJamie Longino (University of Strathclyde)
2A deep convolutional neural network for real-time full profile analysis of big powder diffraction dataHongyang Dong (University College London)
2Relative Structural Analysis on Molecular PerovskiteKevin Daniel Calvache (Queen Mary University of London)
2Structure-activity relationship analysis of supramolecular antimicrobialsKaylee Patel (University Manchester)
2Dewetting in Thin Liquid Films: Using Sparse Optimization to Learn Evolution EquationsAspen Fenzl (University of Sheffield)
3Latent Space encoding of Molecular Crystal StructureKing Wong (University of Southampton)
3Continuous Flow Chemical Process Self-Optimisation by Machine LearningLouis Greenhalgh (University of Leeds)
3Creating a merged dataset and its exploration with different Machine Learning algorithmsMaximilian Hoffman (Freie Universität of Berlin)
3Machine learning of quantum mechanical lattice energies for molecular crystal structure predictionRebecca Clements (University of Southampton)
3Bayesian optimisation in ChemistryRubaiyat Khondaker (University of Cambridge)
4A deep neural network for generation of functional organic materialsRhyan Barrett (University of Warwick)
4Curating inorganic chemical datasets to train RNN and transformer ML models to predict IUPAC names from InChIThomas Allam (University of Southampton)
4Learning the crystallographic phase problemSarah Scripps (University of Edinburgh)
4Exploring coherent diffractive imaging using AIGavin Man (University of Oxford)