This ‘Failed it to Nailed it – Getting Data Sharing Right’ series is a series of four events run by the Artificial Intelligence for Scientific Discovery Network+ (AI3SD), the Cell Press Patterns Journal and the Physical Sciences Data-Science Service (PSDS). These events are a product of the data sharing survey we ran earlier this year.

Below is the timetable for the series, with links to individual Event and Eventbrite pages. This seminar series starts on Thursday 22nd October, and will run every other Thursday and finish on the 3rd December. The seminars all start at 13:30 and finish between 16:45-17:00.

DateTitleEventbrite LinkVideo LinkReportBlog PostInterview Link
22/10/2020, 13:30-16:50Dealing with Data: Tips & TricksEventbrite LinkVideo PlaylistReportBlog PostComing Soon
05/11/2020, 13:30-16:45Data StandardsEventbrite LinkVideo PlaylistReportBlog PostComing Soon
19/11/2020, 13:30-17:00Responsible Data Management: Legal & Ethical AspectsEventbrite LinkVideo PlaylistReportBlog PostComing Soon
03/12/2020, 13:30-16:45Data Citations & PublishingEventbrite LinkVideo PlaylistComing SoonBlog PostComing Soon